Garlic powder extract

Garlic powder extract

Garlic Powder Health Benefits

The most important health benefits of garlic powder include its ability to regulate high blood pressure, lower overall cholesterol levels, improve the immune system, reduce the risk of certain cancers, and aid in digestion, among others.


Regulates Blood Pressure

A meta-analysis by Ried K et al., 2008, published in the BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, states that garlic products have more positive properties than placebos in reducing blood pressure in people with hypertension.


Balances Cholesterol Levels

Regular consumption of garlic powder can lower your LDL or bad cholesterol levels and increase the HDL or good cholesterol levels. It also reduces plaque buildup in the arteries and blood vessels and helps lower blood pressure, thus lowering your risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Anticancer Potential

A 2017 research study by Kim WT et al. showed that garlic extract, when taken orally can help reduce the risk of cancer with minimal side effects. Moreover, the bioactive compounds and antioxidants in garlic powder can help reduce oxidative stress throughout the body, relieve inflammation, and prevent cellular mutation, which can often lead to cancer.


Boosts Immune System

Garlic powder has immune-boosting properties which come from the minerals and antioxidants present in it. It also protects you from various bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, if consumed regularly.


Aids in Digestion

The organic compounds, iron, and dietary fiber in garlic powder are great for keeping your stomach healthy. If you are suffering from indigestion, constipation or any stomach disorder, it can help move your bowels smoothly and relieve the problems.

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